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My dogs loved it

The treats were soft rectangles with a very strong smell. They did fall apart into medium size pieces (not crumbs) in your hand with a lot of movement, so I recommend pre breaking them apart before adding to your treat pouch.

My dogs loved them

Kidd is in love with this product.

In the Autumn of 2022, we were in Ashland Oregon and when walking Kitt, ran into a man who is one of your reps and furnished us with a sample bag or the product we order. He even took a photo of Kitt. Anyway, so happy to have run into him as this is Kitt’s favored treat. Thanks for the pure ingredients. Carl Miller

New Favorites!

Love the bandana gift

Our trainer brought the Pumpkin Power Up ones to our first raining session and our pup loved them and we use as her “high reward” training treats. We haven’t tried the turkey just yet.

Doggie Delicious!

My two dogs absolutely love your treats! The flavors have each been met with wagging tails and puppy eyes begging for more! Their favorite seems to be the berry flavor. I’ll be ordering again soon!

Amazing snax!

I am so glad that I got these to try for my Pom...she is absolutely happier than happy could be! I have never seen her so excited for a treat, especially one that is so good for her and doesnt contain a bunch of chemicals etc that arent good for her! I love what they are made with, how they are made and the fact that they are good for her in so many ways and aid in things such as her skin and coat health! My Pom Pepper is my everything so I want to get her the food and treats that are the best for her and these are it!! I highly recommend and will not be purchasing any other food or treats from any other brand than this! Yes they are a bit expensive but your pet is well worth it!!!

Best Healthiest Jerky Treats!

I have tried many different brands of jerky treats for my Pom and while she liked them they just werent right..too many ingredients etc and I was disappointed as well, until I tried this brand!! She is absolutely crazy for them as am I! They are so much healthier for her and made with excellent ingredients! All ones you can pronounce even!!! They are made with all natural ingredients and do so much for your pet..not just by giving a treat but by what they can do for your dogs health! I highly recommend these and will only be using these ones from now other brand comes close!

The Best Ever Dog Treats!!!

I am always trying to find healthier, more natural, better for my dog food and treats and what I have tried before always let me down, disappointed me,until this time! I am amazed at how great they are both in taste and in all natural etc plus the meat etc is from the usa!!! You cant go wrong..your dog will absolutely love these!! My picky pom did and does!!

Loved by all

Hi I bought these for my dog dexter and have found out that my kitties also love it !! My savannah screams at me in the morning for his morning happy tails treat. Not sure if u considered exploring making cat treats but my 4 kitties approve this thought.

they were a gift - They were well received.

Thanksgiving Dinner in a bag!

What a gift to my little pups! Thanksgiving dinner is topped off on their kibble. Bentley & Walker gobble up their food the second it’s in their bowl. Such a treat for them.

Their skin issues have cleared up since using Happy Tails Products! Thank you for creating something nutritional for my dogs. Forever a client of Happy Tails

Best Treats on the Market!

Thank you to all those who had a hand on creating these amazing Dog treats. My dogs spin in circles when they hear me shake the bag! Gobbled up in a quick second!

Great Treat, adorable bandana

My dogs absolutely love the Cluck-a-Licious treats they are so happy when they see the Happy Tails bag and it came with the cutest red bandana.

Doggy approved

Received the Cluck A Licious Chicken Jerky and my dog absolutely loves them. Every time I open the refrigerator door (where I store them) my dog comes running to get a treat. Thank you for making an outstanding dog treat that surely is a huge hit from our house.

OMG! The greatest treats!

Pups went crazy for them!!! Smell great, you can easily break them in smaller pieces - perfect for training. Will be trying more flavors!

My Dogs loves these!

These treats were super soft for our senior dog and our younger dog loved them too! I was very impressed with the quality and how quickly they were received.

Great treat

Wow as soon as I open the package my two dogs knew it was treat time . Fresh and tasty for them . Great puduct and ingredients.

Thank you so much Mike! We are thrilled to hear that your pups love them and for the fantastic review. Hugs to your fur babies from all of us here at HappyTails!

Awesome High Value Treats!

We got to try these treats out a few months ago and have since had to restock twice! It has become a must-have high-value treat for us to keep around the house!

How exciting to hear that your fur family loves our treats! They are so yummy and so good for them. Please check out our Prime Day discounts on our Amazon HappyTails Canine Wellness store today and tomorrow. Hugs to your babies from all of us here at HappyTails.

Happy Tails Canine Wellness Review

All of my dogs love the treats! They come in different sizes which is great. I might try the other flavors as well. Thank you for this product.

Thank you Cinthia for the wonderful review and for trying our treats. Please check out our Prime Day deals on our Amazon HappyTails Canine Wellness store today and tomorrow :D Welcome to our HappyTails family!

Awesome treats!

My dogs loved these! Even my CAT WAS INTERESTED!

FANTASTIC! Cats love our Snazzy Salmon Snax too! Thank you so much for the 5-STAR review. Welcome to our HappyTails family. Hugs to your fur babies from all of us here at HappyTails.

Paco's favorite

Paco loves Cluck-a-licious chicken jerky happytails canine wellness is amazing I love that they made from healthy ingredients

Fantastic! Welcome to our HappyTails family Paco and Barbara! We are thrilled to hear our treats are a hit in your home and appreciate the wonderful review and comment. Hugs from all of us here at HappyTails!

My dogs LOVED this

My dogs can be a bit picky at times so I never know if they will love or hate a new treat. As soon as I pulled the bag out, my dogs came running. The treats must be delicious because as soon as they finished their first treat, they were begging for more. I haven't noticed any change in my dog's health so far, but I assume these treats are doing a great job protecting their immunity and providing digestive support with all the beneficial ingredients. I would definitely recommend these treats to other dog owners, your dogs will thank you!

Thank you Michelle for trying our Jazzy Jerky Treat! We understand picky pups as our Chief Canine Officers' appetites change daily so a consistently loved treat is hard to find. That's why we created Jazzy Jerky Treats with 95% protein because it's what dogs crave. As you feed the treats you will notice the coat softening and getting shinier as well as improved energy levels and better sleep. Welcome to our HappyTails family!
We send hugs to your fur baby from all of us!

Place your order… woofing fantastic!

I can’t emphasize enough how much my dogs love these! They’re soft, made with top notch ingredients and devoured by our dogs! Highly recommend! Their skin issues have completely cleared up since switching to Happy Tails!

Your Pups are Mussing Out!

Wow! Can I just say,”my dogs go CRAZY” when I pull this bag out of the pantry! They get so excited! These have changed my dogs skin issues. So healthy & my dog LOVES them!

Jen we are just thrilled to hear how much you and your pups love our treats! Our goal is to formulate and deliver treats for dog lovers like you that ensure a happy, healthy and long life! Hugs to your fur babies and thank you so much for being a cherished member of our HappyTails family! X♥X♥ HappyTails

Fantastic treats!

I tried the Berry Glow Up and the Mango Pump Up for my pup Coconut and he loves them both equally. They are a fantastic training treat and a great meal topper. He loves them...and I love HappyTails!

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