Greg Sunvold, Ph.D.

Dr. Greg Sunvold, our Chief Science & Technology Officer, has earned an extraordinary  reputation as the pet industry's leading expert in canine nutrition, product formulation, and the microbiome. Dr. Sunvold has amassed over 30 years of pet food industry experience and published over 500 scientific publications and 300 patent applications. After completing his thesis research on the role of fermentable fibers in dog and cat diets and obtaining a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences, Dr. Sunvold spent almost 20 years in The Iams Company/Procter & Gamble pet care group.

Among other accomplishments, during this time he developed the gastrointestinal health world leadership research discipline with key research contributions involving isolating novel probiotic strains, clinically demonstrating the efficacy of prebiotics, probiotics, and other microbiome management tools, and developing novel product forms for delivering live probiotics. He then went on to consult for many companies including those active in the food stabilization/pathogen control category utilizing naturally derived biotics.

Having actively practiced in the microbiome field throughout his career, Dr. Sunvold leverages deep technical knowledge to actively identify ways to apply innovations arising from this area into the pet food industry. In his current corporate role at Cool Springs International, he is responsible for implementing nutritional innovations into a diverse range of pet food products. Further, Dr. Sunvold founded Microbiome Health, LLC, a company focused on applying innovative microbiome technologies to pet supplements in order to improve pet health and well-being.

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Greg Sunvold, Ph.D., serves as our Chief Science & Technology Officer and is considered the nation's leading expert in canine nutrition. Throughout his career, he has contributed to hundreds of patents, product formulations and research articles within in the canine wellness industry, and currently leads our product research and development efforts.





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