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At HappyTails University we developed training courses for dog lovers just like you who want to build a loving bond with their pups through SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN, POSITIVE-REWARD-BASED TRAINING methods. You can access our programs at any time and train at your own pace from your mobile phone, or anywhere you prefer. What’s more, through our courses you will gain a better understanding of how your dog perceives our world, how it communicates with you, and solid training techniques that are fun, effective, and easy to incorporate into your daily lives.

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Fundamental Dog Training 101

Mastering the Clicker

Be a good TEAM LEADER! As a dog pawent it’s essential to understand that training happens on BOTH ENDS OF THE LEASH! Through our reward-based training techniques, you can build a strong relationship with your dog based on love, support, and trust. When you do, your dog will choose to rely on you for play, emotional support, attention, direction, permission, or if confused or scared. This module is about 10 minutes and it's presented in four training sessions: Marker Training, Test Your Skills, Load The Clicker, and Verbal Marker. You will learn how to communicate with your dog using a marker to distinguish desired behaviors during training sessions. What’s more, we have developed fun games and exercises you can complete with your dog and earn REWARD POINTS redeemable for our HappyTails products. Happy training!

Training Techniques

Imagine embracing your favorite DIY project without any knowledge of the process! Mastering reward-based training techniques are the essential tools you can acquire for your training toolkit that will make this journey truly rewarding and enjoyable for both you and your dog. In this module, you will learn important training techniques and key training concepts including the lure, capturing, shaping, release, as well as verbal and visual cues. Together we will set you and your dog up for success and have FUN, as you both grow confident with your newly acquired skill sets. Enjoy!


It's so useful when you can confidently ask your dog to stay in a position for an amount of time even if there is a distraction near by or if you need to walk away from them. Plus, it's so rewarding that your dog trusts in you to stay until you come back and release them. In this Training module, you will learn how to teach your dog to STAY in a position until you come back to them and release them. Step by step you will build up a reliable sit and down STAY cue while adding in the 3 D's of dog training duration, distraction, and distance.

Leave it

The LEAVE IT cue is an invaluable skill for your dog to learn! Throughout your dogs life there will be things you don't want them to approach or pick up. Things like another dog on a walk, a kid holding a delicious ice cream cone, your slippers, or even something more dangerous like dropped medication. A reliable Leave It cue will help keep your furry best friend safe and out of trouble.  In this module, you will learn how to teach your dog to turn away and ignore something when you ask. LEAVE IT doesn't just mean leave something alone for a few seconds, but instead your dog will learn to ignore something consistently. Step by step we will build up this skill for different scenarios including items on the ground, dropped or moving items, and walking past a variety of items. Together we will set you and your dog up for success!

Loose Leash Walking

Picture this! You and your dog on an enjoyable walk around the neighborhood or through the park calmly walking past a baseball game, kids on the playground, and other people walking their dog. Your dog is keeping your pace and periodically looks up to check in with you. If your walk doesn't look like this yet that's ok! There are things to learn on both ends of the leash! In this Loose Leash Walking module, you will learn about equipment and tools and how to be prepared for a walk. Along with how to teach your dog loose leash walking skills like how rewarding it is to stay close and engage with you on walks and how to prevent pulling. Making walks that much more enjoyable for both you and your dog!


Have you ever tried to call your dog to come to you and they ignore you? It can be quite frustrating and sometimes even scary depending on the situation. Teaching your dog a reliable recall can keep your furry best friend safe and out of trouble. It also shows how strong of a relationship you have built when your dog happily comes running to you whenever you call! In this module, you will learn step by step how to teach your dog the emergency recall COME TOUCH. Your dog will come flying to you as fast as they can when they hear it! You'll also learn when to use this recall and make it reliable in a variety of situations and enviornments. This will quickly become one of your dogs favorite behaviors!

Ready to Leap into the Future with HappyTails?

For these courses, you will need a clicker, high-value training treats (our HappyTails Jazzy Jerky Treats and Journey Up Treats are the ideal, crave-a-licious training treats), and a comfy environment that you and your pup are familiar with. In the early stages of training try to remove as many distractions from your environment as possible and get ready to praise your pup often! Together we will set you and your pup up for SUCCESS so remember to have fun and enjoy the journey! HAPPY TRAINING!



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