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Dogs are precious, fascinating souls! Dogs are loyal, loving, kind, compassionate...And beacons of unconditional love.

What's more, dogs see the world through their sense of smell. Your dog's nose knows the good stuff when they smell it! Here are some fascinating facts about your dog's remarkable nose!

1. Your dog has upwards of 300 million smell receptors in their noses versus about 6 million for humans.
2. The process in the dog's brain dedicated to interpreting smell is 40 times larger than a humans.
3. Dog's smell in 3-D which helps them not only develop a mental picture of a smell but enables them to determine the location of the origin of that smell with astonishing accuracy.
4. Dogs employ hemispheric specialization and chemosignaling to enhance the communication of emotional states (including stress) between dogs and humans.

Now, when it comes to food, for your dog it's ALL about the smell.  Dog's "understand" the value of food through scent. Because dog's are primarily carnivores when they encounter a good source of meat protein they will do what is necessary to capture it, including obeying their owner.

We have received hundreds of reviews, emails, DM's, texts from dog owners around the world sharing how their dog absolutely goes crazy for our jerky treats.  That's because dog's know what their bodies need and when they smell it...they simply GO FOR IT! 

Give our Jazzy Jerky and Journey Up treats a try and get your smart phone ready to capture the moment your pup encounters our treats, then tag us on our IG and we can celebrate together! 

We worked diligently to bring the finest, healthiest, and most innovative treats to dog lovers everywhere and we are truly proud of our growing list of dog's who have made HappyTails their #1 choice!!!

 For more information on your dog's remarkable nose check out this article:

Canine Olfaction: Physiology, Behavior, and Possibilities for Practical Applications


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