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It’s a simple, yet powerful truth, that behaviors rewarded are behaviors repeated. Dogs respond to rewards and want to please their owner so reinforcing good behavior with treats and praise is the best way to build that next level bond with your pup.  Having good manners in the house and making good choices, even when their owner is not present, can make life wonderful for the entire family.

And remember, dog’s live in the present and are concerned with what is happening in the moment, so it’s important to catch and reward behaviors as soon as they happen. Try this simple training hack to train your dog to behave properly in and around your home.

Training Hack: Treat Stations and Catch & Reward

Try creating “Treat Stations” around your house, backyard, front yard, and anywhere that you and your dog spend time together. Treat stations can be as simple as a few small containers filled with treats in different rooms around the house.  When you see your dog behaving well take the time to capture and reward these good behaviors in the moment. This will increase the likelihood that your dog will repeat these awesome behaviors in the future.
You can reward things like coming when you call them, calmly laying on their bed while you eat dinner, not barking out the window at the squirrels, sitting as guests come in, the possibilities are endless!  With this approach, your dog will understand that every room in your home presents an opportunity to earn your positive attention, love, and a reward.  That’s a WIN-WIN for you and your furry BFF! Want to learn more?  Leap into our HappyTails University and take our Dog Training Fundamentals 101 course.  Your dog will thank you...Today, tomorrow, and furrever!
HappyTails Jazzy Jerky Treats, and Journey Up Treats, are the ideal high value training treat that will have your dog begging for more! Enter code HTU20 for 20% Off all of our HappyTails Canine Wellness products.


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