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Let us begin with gut health. Your dog’s digestive tract is filled with bacteria, or microbes, that are both helpful and potentially harmful. Most are symbiotic (where both the human body and microbiota benefit) and some, in smaller numbers, are pathogenic (promoting disease). This system in its entirety is called the microbiome.

The microbiome contains the total gut environment, and it is a dynamic system that can be changed and modified. In contrast to the genome, which is set at conception, the microbiome goes through changes throughout all life stages, for good and for bad. It is impacted by diet, stress levels and a whole host of environmental factors.

When the microbiome is healthy and balanced, pathogenic, and symbiotic microbiota coexist without problems. AND THAT’S IMPORTANT! Why? Because what happens in the gut, DOES NOT STAY in the gut. Gut health impacts the entire body through the gut-brain axis, the gut-skin axis and more. Essentially the gut affects the entire body’s ability to function, and the immune system’s ability to stay well-modulated, and keep the body healthy.

Over the last 20 years, the science of canine nutrition and the scientific communities’ understanding of the microbiome took a giant LEAP forward! They now have a much better understanding of how the microbiome impacts overall wellness, how we can maintain the proper balance in the microbiome, and how we can bring it back into balance when needed.

As a result, the field of biotics grew too! Now we understand that gut health can be favorably impacted through the synergistic or symbiotic action created by the combination of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics within the microbiome. This action delivers the nutritional support vehicles through which your dog can achieve optimal gut health.


Prebiotics are non-living, non-digestible substances which are the preferred nutrient source or “food” for beneficial intestinal bacteria. Over that last 20 years, myriad studies have provided evidence that speaks to a wide range of benefits that come from the ingestion of prebiotics like fructo-oligosaccharides or FOS, yet the primary benefit is in the way it impacts immune health.

FOS is the preferred “food” by beneficial gut bacteria to promotes lactic acid production which creates a more advantageous environment in the microbiome, and that pathogens dislike. FOS also aids in mineral absorption. Overall, it helps shift gut population or microbiota in favorable direction and that has a beneficial impact on immune health.



In short, prebiotics confer immune benefits for both innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Additionally, they have been proven to improve intestinal microbiota composition, intestinal immune function, and mineral absorption, specifically in canines.

Another type of supplementary prebiotic called MOS, short for mannan-oligosaccharides, contains pathogen binding properties that enable them to latch onto the bad bacterial and essentially flush them out of the system.  One of the most scientifically advanced versions of this type of ingredient was developed by Lallemand Animal Nutrition, and they call it YANG, which stands for Yeast Association New Generation. YANG takes things to a new level because it not only delivers MOS, but it is designed with beta-glucans, a-mannans and mannoproteins as well. These molecules not only interact directly with immune cells, but they also interact with pathogens to prevent attachment and colonization within the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.





With the help of our canine wellness advisory team, and Dr. Greg Sunvold, we have developed several proprietary formulas that include prebiotics, to help aid in digestion and support healthy microbiome & immune function. Our Jazzy Jerky™ Treats, Journey Up!™ adventure bars and our Bestie Chews™ all contain prebiotics including FOS.  Additionally, we added YANG MOS, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Together they provide a symbiotic benefit that supports your dog’s digestive and immune systems. 

The results? As your dog’s gut health improves, you will see functional results like a shinier coat, healthier skin, and improved energy levels.

Our mission is your dog’s optimal wellness, so leap into the future with us, and begin your dog’s wellness journey today!

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