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with Dr. Greg Sunvold

The dog parent’s angst:  What should I feed him (or her)?  Am I doing enough for her?  Is this the right food?  How do I know which food to choose?  Is there something missing from his/her diet?  These are legitimate and important questions many pet owners ask.

My name is Dr. Greg Sunvold.  I have a Ph.D. in nutrition and have spent my career improving the health and well-being of dogs and cats.  These are wonderful creatures that enrich our lives in so many ways.  Are there things we can do to make their lives more healthy?  Yes, of course!

During the upcoming discussions, we will answer pet parents’ questions on what to feed, how to feed, what to treat and supplement, and how to achieve the best nutritional health status of pets.  We’ll field your questions, share insights after 30 years of research and experience in this area, and provide practical tips to improve your beloved friend’s health. 

Our questions about caring for our pets are not trivial nor are they silly.  They are legitimate questions that many pet owners struggle with.  We’ll explore topics like:  dietary fiber, protein/fat/carbs, probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, healthy treating, food type – dry, wet, baked, pasteurized, maybe even raw!?!?  We’ll explore the “hot trends” in ingredients, food types, research, and what’s coming in improving pet health.  Ever wondered who’s behind the research, the new ingredients, how foods are made?  Well, we’ll bring on the show some folks that you may never otherwise meet!  The goal is to mix a little education in with some fun!  We like to discover, explore, and address those burning questions.   

My show will air monthly on HappyTails Canine Wellness' Talk Shop Live channel, or you can catch it right here. Enjoy!



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