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HappyTails Canine Wellness™ Gives Back

Nourishing Canine Wellbeing And Canine-Human Bonding


At HappyTails Canine Wellness™, we are committed to nourishing not only our beloved canines around the world, but to honoring the precious bond between canines and their humans. By supporting the bond between people and pups today, we help build a brighter tomorrow, for the better and furrrever.

During our launch year, 2021, HappyTails Canine Wellness™ is proudly choosing philanthropic partners who have a proven track record of creating and implementing unique and innovative programs that encourage mutually supportive relationships and champion unconditional love between humans and dogs. What’s more, we are committed to donating a percentage of our HappyTails Canine Wellness™ division’s net profits to support programs like these and look forward to sharing more in the months to come.




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