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Our ins-paw-rations...

Honoring our beloved canines who expanded our hearts, and made us better humans, through their unconditional love. #happytailsrainbowbridge


Meet Corky --->

An amazing companion, was friends to everyone, and absolutely loved the beach!


Meet Cat Walt --->

Who thought he was a Dog, performed 11 tricks on command and even walked in a circle!


Meet Zeus --->

Gentle and strong, sweet and grateful, and incredibly brave. The mighty surviver and the hero!


Meet Ozzy --->

The most loving, trusting, and remarkably brave boy Ozzy


Meet Lexie --->

The most talented and loving pup, joy to everyone, the true wonder dog.



Corky was an amazing companion who was friends with everyone, young and old, knew instinctively when to be super protective, and she absolutely loved the beach!!


Here’s my incredible cat Walt who is always properly dressed for any “Black Tie Event”!!! He thought he was a Dog! He would follow my Wife and me around the house and he performed 11 Tricks on command! Even walking in a Circle! He was such a little “Love Generator”!!!



Zeus was a very special soul and every day with him was a gift. Wherever we went, people would stop and give him such love... hugs... take pictures with him... he was quite the celebrity! He bonded with me quickly and never wanted to leave my arms. His sparkling eyes and playful demeanor were a joy for all who met him. He filled our lives with so much love... But it was his bravery that I will never forget. I have never known a dog who had suffered as much as he did, trying so hard to survive and be loving at the same time. What a beautiful spirit he had.


Ozzy was an abandoned senior who was completely deaf. We think he had been deaf his entire life because he did not know how to bark. He had been in a foster care situation for several months following his rescue. When I met him, he was only 4 lbs., and so weak he could barely lift his neck. His teeth were in disastrous shape and must have been causing him tremendous pain according to the vet. We took him in, had his teeth addressed and he started to take a turn for the better. Within a few weeks he was running with us at the dog park and would leap when he was super happy! He loved going to drives in the convertible and freshly cooked chicken. I had the honor and joy of keeping him safe and happy for almost two years. He eventually lost his sight and was happiest in my lap or snuggled up next to me. He passed in my arms, and I will never forget my loving, trusting, and remarkably brave boy Ozzy.



Our beautiful pupfluencer Lexie @wonderdog_lexie_ crossed over the rainbow bridge. When Nancy brought her mother and daughter fur babies Lexie and Piper into our lives, we were simply in awe of the love, passion and trust that shined so brightly through their videos and posts. As we got to know this remarkable trio, we grew to love and cherish them. Nancy's creativity inspired us beyond measure, and the wonderfully intimate posts she shared drew us into their world in exciting and magical ways. We embraced in Lexie's eyes and watching her run and play with her baby girl Piper was truly breathtaking. Lexie you will remain forever in our hearts and minds. Thank you, sweet girl, for showing the world the power and beauty of unconditional love. May your heavenly home be filled with eternal love, joy, and beautiful beaches to run along furrever and ever! 😌💔

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