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Our Pack Loves Them!

We're on our third pack of the Splash-A-Licious Salmon Jerky Treats and our pack loves them! I like that they are easy to split and can be used as a treat or food topper. Plus, I feel good about the quality of ingredients used. Our Sandy is a notoriously picky eater and she gobbles these up.

My Goldens love ❤️ these treats!

We were introduced to these by a private trainer. She used them to help get one of our pups to try something new. We haven’t looked back! Both pups love the flavors but I love the ingredients. I highly recommend them.

No change yet…

Started our 12 year old doodle, Poppy on Maxgevity 4 days ago… no change yet but I’m ever hopeful it will help with her aging hind quarters

I like the product

I'd been giving my senior boy just straight green lipped mussel powder, then I found Maxgevity mobility. So far, so good, I mix other stuff in his food as it is so I don't thing he notices and difference. It may be too soon to see any differences just yet. My only complaints so far is the package size, my boy is about 70lbs and gets 3 scoops, which doesn't last very long given the 1.5oz size and while it is special packaging, its hard to get all the product out. I ended up putting it in an air tight, screw top container to make it easier.

Love Happytails

My dog has more mobility she loves the taste


My pup loves these treats. He goes nuts for them and is really happy whenever I give them to him.

The best training course I've ever taken!

Alison is a true professional and has mastered the skills she is teaching. Her strength through positivity is an inspiration and you can see how much her own dogs love and respect her. I wish every dog owner could take this course especially the ones who have embraced negative training techniques like shock collars and negative reinforcement. I have developed a remarkable bond with my dogs by practicing Alison's techniques and I am actually learning how to "Speak Dog." Thank you HappyTails University and Alison for this world-class, training program! Way to go!

This mobility formula really works!

I have a pitty mix that has issues with her back legs. She didn’t do well on the medication the vet prescribed and opted to try different supplements instead. We ordered maxgevity mobility on Amazon a while back along with another supplement. After about 10 days, we noticed a remarkable difference in how our pup was getting around. Especially first thing in the morning when she usually has the most problems. Not knowing if the improvement was from maxgevity or the other supplement, we didn’t reorder and kept using the other supplement. Long story short-it is definitely the maxgevity mobility that’s made the undeniable improvement for our dog. I highly recommend this product.

Can’t get dog to move from closet where Happy Tails is kept

My dog is obsessed with these treats. I can get her to do anything for a nibble of a happy tail treat! Thank you!

On our 56th Bag of Jazzy Jerky Treats!

My dog loves his Jazzy Jerky Treats and now it's the only treat I buy for him. We are on our 56th bag and the quality is outstanding. A+++ on ingredients too! Keep it up HappyTails, 10 STARS all the way.

Wag-A-Licious™ Beef Jazzy Jerky Dog Treats - 2 Pack x 10 oz
Janet D.

Yes! My dogs LOVED the treats 💕! I have a senior rescue and a puppy that is almost a year old. My senior was getting slow and gaining weight from eating Milk bones. She's way better now! So it doesn't pay to buy cheap treats for your dogs.

Happy Dogs

I have 2 labs who absolutely love these treats! As soon as they see the bag they are drooling and ready. Healthy too which is what I love. Thanks so much for these amazing snacks!

Great-Great course!

These are important essentials that every dog parent should learn! Thank you for the course. The training officer Alison is amazing. I see that she loves and cares about the dogs and their parents with the ultimate goal to create a lifetime bonding. That’s my goal! And with the help of this course, I hope to be able to achieve it! Thank you!

Great course!

LOOOVE the course! So well done and easy to follow. I’m learning so much! I wish I found it a long time ago - very helpful. Can’t wait to get the next course!

Amazing dog treats

Buddy and Daisy absolutely love these treats. As soon as they see the bag they are wagging their tails ready for a treat. Not only are they healthy but they love the taste too!

No sign of Cushing's after 3 weeks on Jazzy Jerky!

My rescue puppy Roxy was diagnosed with Cushing's about two years ago. My vet told me that my dog's lifespan would be about 1-2 years following the diagnosis. Needless to say my heart was broken. A dear friend gave me a bag of the Chicken Jazzy Jerky treats to try. I could barely open the bag when Roxy dove in. She absolutely loved them and I was shocked because she was barely eating anything at all, even her favorites. Well, after about two weeks of daily feedings, I noticed that everything was changing for the better... energy levels, skin & coat, she was simply feeling and looking so much better. After the third week, I had to bring her to my vet to show her how she was transforming. She was shocked! The Cushing's symptoms were gone 100% so she tested again for it. She called me two days later and shared that the Cushing's was completely gone. In my elation, I emailed this remarkable company's President Athena and she was as excited as I was. She sent me their MaxGevity Supplements and after almost two months on them my fur baby is like a puppy again! It's astonishing to me...I was making funeral arrangements and now we can plan an entirely new future for my beautiful girl. HappyTails I don't know how to thank you but I will make sure the WORLD knows how much you care about dogs and about the remarkable, healing products you have created for our fur babies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Our dog loves the treats and I am happy that they are so good for him.

Happy Tails Canine Wellness Maxgevity you are downright Unbelievable!

I am THE biggest skeptic I know when it comes to claims of what a supplement will or can “do” for my pups (have 5 rescues & 3 are serious special needs)
So when the Maxgevity line was released I read the ingredients, researched, compared, pondered, & then of course I awaited my delivery.
I had removed two of my dog’s off their current supplements before deciding to order the maxgevity and within just under a week my 3 year old Amstaff mix was a bit stiff in the hip and the knee that he broke as a pup, if he was laying on that side for too long (I expected as much, just not that quickly)
Anyways luckily my order arrived and I
Started the maxgevity supplements ( both the immunity and mobility as he is also allergic to everything and has resulting skin issues) and within 4 days I kid you not he was back to normal movement , all around crazy town wiggling, couch surfer again, and a welcome surprise is that his skin is absolutely wonderful and his coat is super extra shiny AND the hairs on his elbows are growing back (the rough patches some short hair dogs get on their elbows) AND , yeah this is so weird but I noticed his foot pads are back to black soft velvet puppy toe beans 🤗 now that’s something totally unexpected!!! So so amazed…
Oh and this is even more amazing….
The other dog I decided to try the supplements for is a beagle! He has dwarfism , seizures, syncope, degenerative bone disease, chronic ear infections, and what I call “I’m always itching for no apparent reason mom can figure out disease” this dog is seriously “special” and we had just started pain management meds a few months prior to keep him comfortable until his quality of life is no longer quality from the spinal bone degeneration 🥺 N I tell you what after only 5 days of one tiny little scoop of each maxjevity supplement my beagle boy (21 lbs) is itchy free and so mobile that it’s scary (he’s hopping around like a bunny n running like he used to, still wobbly but I believe he’s pain free and have now weaned him off of his veterinary prescription because he doesn’t need it! ( no worries 😉 his play is monitored very very closely ) No he is not cured, there is NO cure for his problems , only treatments for the side effects they cause!
These Maxgevity supplements are ALL natural and I can truly say they have changed not only my dog’s quality of life but will and have already extended their lifespan! And THAT increases MY quality of life with them!
Thank you , Happy Tails Canine Wellness for creating these amazing supplements!
They have not only changed the quality of life for so many of our BFFs but also the fur parents that love them ta bits!
Chessica n the rescue pack in Florida
If you are still reading this super long review I’ve written, that means you’re probably a skeptical pet parent too and that’s a great thing! Give these supplements (and the treats, my pack loves them all) a try, you will be just as amazed as I am, I assure you!

Chessica, thank you for the glowing review! Your passion is glorious! We are thrilled to hear how much our supplements have helped your precious pups and we look forward to supporting your dogs' wellness journeys furrever! I hope every dog lover reads your review and follows your lead. Much love to your doggos from all of us here at HappyTails.

The steering game

Amazing treats! This is our second time placing an order after getting a sample from our neighbor who has a golden rescue charity. Loki loves ❤️❤️❤️ these treats! These days we can find him by the laundy room waiting and stearing [because this is where we store ALL his treats.] He difference is since we bought these treats he just camps out there now. It's like that scene from the movie Bolt when Bolt would steer at the door expecting it to open.. well Loki thinks if he steers long enough the treats will come to him.😁


These are easily our pup's favorite snack, hands down.

10 Stars!!!

Dogs love food (who doesn't?), but the way they respond to these treats is different. Once you give your pup one of these treats, the sheer amount of enthusiasm, focus and excitement that they will demonstrate the next time you reach for a HappyTails bag will tell you all you need to know.

This is the good stuff, like the real good stuff. It's also not made with a bunch of junk like many of the other products out there. You can tell by the texture and smell of the treats, almost makes you want to take a bite yourself!

Buy treats from HappyTails-- you will not regret it.

Berry Glow Up™ - Chicken & Blueberries Dog Treats
Roslyn M.

April LOVES these treats

Great for fussy eaters

We crumble this up and sprinkle it on our dog’s food to get him to start eating. He’s a bit picky and this is the best thing to get him going. It’s truly the only food he LOVES.

Great gift treats

Our fur babies love these treats. And because they are made from such great ingredients wanted to get them as gifts to our office staff’s four legged friends. They all seemed to love it.

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