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The HappyTails Canine Wellness Advantage

Over the last decade, advanced scientific research has resulted in powerful breakthroughs in preventative health and nutritional formulation that delivers optimal wellness for our canine companions. Our team of canine wellness experts represent over 100+ years of scientific & academic research, patented formulas, and product development. Together we are developing and delivering the finest and most scientifically advanced canine wellness products, so your dog can live the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE!

Scientifically Formulated Products

Precision Wellness™

Canine wellness begins in the gut. Scientific research has revealed the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome and the positive impact that the consumption of pre, pro and postbiotics can have in the life of your dog. Therefore, we have developed our own proprietary blend of live probiotics, pre and postbiotics, digestive enzymes and antioxidants called SYNBIOTICS 5+™ which delivers synergistic action designed to improve overall canine wellness. What’s more, each and every one of our treats and supplements has been scientifically formulated to deliver key functional benefits specifically designed to positively impact your dogs life.


Scientific Advances in Canine Wellness

As research advances the case for functional digestive health ingredients in pet food, it’s clear that pre, pro and postbiotic metabolites are the new frontier in canine microbiome science. Understanding postbiotics and their role in digestive and microbiome health is driving the development of supplements that boost these particular beneficial mechanisms. Scientists are now learning that postbiotic metabolites are considered master health-regulating compounds and comprise the new “tool kit” in ensuring overall wellness.

The Finest Ingredients & Cutting-Edge Technology

From wild sockeye salmon to New Zealand green lipped mussels and premium USA-sourced beef, we have travelled the globe to find the finest nutritional ingredients for our products. Additionally, we work with the leading canine ingredient manufacturers, like Lallemand and Ingredients By Nature, who employ cutting edge technologies to develop ingredients that strengthen the canine immune system, promote gut health, support mobility and contribute to healthy aging. The results? Delicious, nutritious canine wellness treats and supplements loaded with functional benefits, all made with love in the USA!

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Natural Products for Optimal Wellness

Only the BEST for your BESTIE

Did you know your dog’s sense of smell can be up to 1 MILLION times stronger that yours! Dogs can actually taste food through their sense of smell, so they know how to sniff out the good stuff! That’s why all of our treats are taste tested by our Chief Canine Officers, Ace & Rylee, and they are two very picky Pomeranians. To achieve extraordinary taste, we take extra steps like using real wood chips to smoke our proteins. Moreover, we use natural ingredients to deliver the ideal treat, snack or topper for all breeds and life stages. For a superior feeding experience that will boost your dog’s overall wellness leap into

HappyTails Canine Wellness!!

Saving our environment

One Bag at a Time!

Did you know that 260 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year? Our HappyTails Canine Wellness family is committed to saving our environment... One Bag at a Time! Our products are sustainably and responsibly packaged with post-consumer recycled plastic which contributes to a cleaner & greener environment, for our pups, our people, and our planet! As a result, you may see that each bag has its perfect imperfections. So, we invite you to cherish the unique aspects of our bags and celebrate that together we are leading the way toward a greener tomorrow! Our FDA-approved, eco-friendly packaging will:
♥ Help reduce C02 emissions
♥ Reduce our carbon footprint
♥ Reduce petroleum consumption
♥ Reduce landfill waste

Together we can heal our planet... Let's Do This!!


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