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This is a time like no other in recent history.  The COVID pandemic resulted in a global awakening to illness and personal wellness. As we leap into the future together it's time to rethink wellness for ourselves and for our pups.

Wellness, for humans and dogs alike, should focus on illness prevention, proper nutrition and gut health in an effort to build a strong immune system and give the body the tools it needs to fight off illness. 

Our HappyTails Canine Wellness™ treats and supplements include scientifically advanced and proven ingredients designed to support gut health, promote a healthy microbiome and contribute to overall immune wellness through the inclusion of prebiotics, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and much more. 

Join us in our wellness journey, for yourself and your pup, because together...WE GOT THIS! 

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Scientists have been creating GMO ingredients for pet food for years now. Some of the most common GMO ingredients in dog food include corn, soy, tomatoes and rice. GMOs are considered controversial not only for pets, but also for humans. The long-term impact of GMO ingredients is not yet known due to insufficient testing. Although, some believe that they are harmful for both pets and humans. Although more studies need to be conducted, there has been a correlation between the increase of GMO’s in pet food and the increase of specific health concerns in our pets, including digestive issues. 

GMO Labeling

Pet food companies do not have to label GMO ingredients. This can be especially stressful for pet parents who are looking to buy the highest quality food for their pets, because even high-quality food ingredients may contain GMOs. It is not always obvious when GMOs are a part of your pet’s diet. Pet parents who want to avoid all GMOs should purchase organic pet food or pet food labeled as “non-GMO.” If a person does not want to buy these products for their pet, but still wants to minimize the amount of GMOs their pet consumes, they can look for certain ingredients that most likely contain GMOs. Common GMO ingredients include aspartame, dextrose and corn syrup.

Pet Health

GMOs can be intimidating and even scary for pet parents who want the best for their four-legged pals. However, reading the ingredient labels and choosing a high-quality pet food will help you minimize the amount of GMOs that your pet consumes.

We, at HappyTails™, believe and offer only organic and no-GMO products. Check out our Treats and Toppers that been created to keep our furry companions a Happy Tails.

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