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What’s a Marker?

Imagine if you started a new job and your boss didn’t give you any feedback the first week and didn’t tell you when you would get paid. How confident would you be that you were doing your job correctly?  How motivated would you be to return to work the next day?

It’s vitally important that we teach our dogs what their job is, what are expectations are, and to reward them when the do a GOOD JOB!  In our Dog Training Fundamentals 101 Course you will learn what a MARKER is and how to use it to clearly communicate with your pup during training sessions.

In short a MARKER is a word or noise that MARKS the behavior that they performed correctly, and lets them know that their reward is coming.

MARKERS can take various forms including a clicker, a hand signal, or a short word like “yep” or “yes.”   Over time you want to build a positive association between behavior, marker, and reward, and use markers to capture your dogs’ behaviors and reinforce them. This process will facilitate improved communication with your dog and help your dog learn new behaviors.

When your dog performs a behavior that you like or that you asked from your dog, simply mark it, and then give a treat. For example, if you ask your dog to lay down, as soon as they do, give your marker word “yes”, and then treat. This will reinforce this behavior and help your dog understand exactly what behavior they did that you liked.  And remember behaviors rewarded are behaviors repeated so you pup will be more likely repeat these behaviors in the future.

 Want to learn more?  Leap into our HappyTails University Dog Training Fundamentals 101 Course right now!  Your dog will thank, tomorrow, and furrever!

Happy Training!

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