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KF Hurley, C Aziz - Pacific Veterinary Conference, 2015-newcms.eventkaddy.net
BACKGROUND Canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC) is a highly contagious, multifactorial condition that continues to be a challenge for shelters. Management of CIRDC requires a multifaceted approach due to its multifactorial etiology. In addition to the pathogens associated with CIRDC, environmental factors and host immune system response play equally important roles in the development of CIRDC.
PREVENTION In light of the multifactorial etiology of CIRDC, implementing effective preventative measures can reduce the prevalence of CIRDC within a shelter setting. The two cornerstones of prevention include decreasing exposure to CIRDC pathogens by using appropriate biosecurity measures and increasing the resistance to CIRDC pathogens by supporting each animal’s health and well-being with appropriate vaccinations, prevention of airway irritation, and providing a low stress environment.









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