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What's Dog Training Neutrality?

Encouraging neutrality by asking your dog to turn attention toward you when another dog approaches on a walk, gives your dog the choice to "opt in" to social engagement.

In short, to build neutrality toward other dogs when you’re out in public, you want to make yourself interesting and “valuable” to your dog. You want reinforce with your pup that going out with you anywhere, from a neighborhood stroll to dog-friendly events, is a chance to play and engage primarily with you and not just other dogs, and that focusing on you is their ultimate reward.

Now picture this! Your dog is keeping a nice loose leash on your walk and your neighbor stops to talk. Then your dog sits nicely at your side while you finish the conversation. Yes, together we can make this vision your reality. Come check out our HappyTails University courses to learn all about the fundamentals of dog training! Together we will help you build that NEXT LEVEL BOND with your pup that will last a lifetime!

Happy Training! Xoxo Alison

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