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Santa Clara, CA, August 15, 2023 -- The new TOP DOG in canine wellness, HappyTails Canine Wellness, unleashed the exciting news today that their Journey Up Treats have been named 2023 Dog Jerky Treat of the Year through the Independent Pet Innovation Awards.

“We are thrilled with this nomination and appreciate this acknowledgement of our accomplishments and of our cherished mission of optimal wellness for every dog. Our innovative jerky treats are disrupting the pet care industry, and positively impacting the health and wellbeing of our beloved canine companions, in the US and around the world,” said Athena Boulgarides the Founder & CEO, HappyTails Canine Wellness, Inc.

Dr. Gregory Sunvold, the company’s Chief Science and Technology Officer shared, “We have been extremely focused on developing products that enhance pet health. It’s truly an honor to see our products recognized so quickly for their benefits.”

HappyTails Canine Wellness is among the fastest growing pet industry startups in the US and has quickly earned the reputation as a powerful leader driving the canine wellness evolution through their cutting-edge formulations, partnerships with leading ingredient manufacturers including Cargill, Lallemand and Adare, as well as their ability to attract, retain, and develop top industry executives.

HappyTails Canine Wellness products are available on the company’s Amazon Store, their e-commerce site, mobile app, and through specialty pet & general retailers.

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