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10 Best Made in USA Dog Treats

Written by: Arlene Divina
Published on August 15, 2023

#6 – HappyTails Canine Wellness Jazzy Jerky, Natural 95% Chicken Jerky Treats, Healthy Dog Treats Made in USA, Gut & Immune Health, Skin & Coat, Small-Large Dogs, 5 oz

The HappyTails Canine Wellness Jazzy Jerky is a natural chicken jerky treat for dogs. It is scientifically formulated to support gut and immune health, promote healthy skin and coat, and maintain overall wellness. The jerky treats are made with 95% premium USA-sourced chicken that has been naturally smoked over real wood chips, giving it a unique and enticing flavor. Additionally, the treats are made in the USA with natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial additives or fillers. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

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